Yoga on the Go! – Part I

How many times on a long trip have you thought about stretching & doing yoga, but never been successful either because of space or time. Here are few stretches, “asanas” & routines that are quick & will not take up too much space as well and you will keep fit & fresh throughout your trip.

1. Shoulder Shrugs & neck rolls: These simple routines will help the tense neck & shoulder muscles to relax during your flight, or while any other kind of travelling. In one of the exercises roll your shoulders back, while inhaling & exhaling, and feel the elongation of your spine. Repeat this 5 times at least before going in the opposite direction. In the next one raise your shoulder & inhale your breath & release your shoulder & exhale. Repeat this 5 times. Next go onto neck exercises. Bring your chin to your chest while exhaling, lift your head towards the ceiling, push your chin & inhale. Repeat this 5 times. Next, move your head side to side, moving only your neck. While on the sides stretch your neck muscles as much as you can. Inhale in the center & exhale while on the sides.

2. Kapalbhati: Kapalbhati is a routine which is powerful & cleansing for the lungs as more oxygen is taken in & carbon dioxide is thrown out. This routine can be practiced any time while on the go. In this routine you need to take passive inhalations & strong exhalations. Inhale & exhale continuously in the same manner. While exhaling, take your stomach in. This routine strengthens your lungs & refreshes you.

3. Tadasana: This is a stretching exercise which relieves stiffness. You can do this stretch while in the airplane or even in your hotel room, just as you wake up in the morning. You need to entwine your fingers on top of your head, inhale & raise your body on your toes, stretching your hands & body upwards. Exhale & return. This asana relieves pain in shoulders, back, legs & toes.

4. Belly Breathing: In the morning, wake up, open your eyes & still lying on the bed do this following routine. Inhale & fill up your belly & ribcage (bloat your belly). Hold this for 3 counts & exhale, feeling the breath leaving your ribcage & lastly the belly (contract your belly). Continue the routine 3 times at least. This cleanses your breath & gives you a great head start your day.

In the next post, i’ll be continuing with the five chakras or five tibetan rites which are very useful during travel.